Lesson Learned

Ouch, lesson learned this week and I want to share it with you.

There is value in reviewing an interaction with someone, particularly if it didn’t go as you expected.

  • Everyone you connect with is busy and important – and so are you.
  • Check that it’s a good time for them to talk. If not, reschedule.
  • Before you connect, know why you are connecting with this person. Not just that a third person suggested it.
  • What outcomes do you expect from this call?
  • Make sure that you tell them the purpose of your call at the beginning.
  • Thank them for their time.
  • Even if you judge the call not to have gone very well, you can learn from it.

It always disappoints me to have an interaction that is less than stellar and ZESTY.




Create a ZEST Vision Board!

Here’s an easy, proven method to discover, clarify, and ask for the dreams and desires that you want in your life.

When you’re in a state of confusion, questioning and disarray, it is difficult to have satisfaction in your life.

When I try to sort out and think about what I want in my life, I just add to the confusion. The committee who lives in my head has a debate about what is doable and not doable; what dream is too big and what dream is not big enough; and what is ‘practical’ and what is ‘irrational’. Whew! It’s exhausting to think about what I want.

My preferred method of achieving clarity for my life is to NOT think about it. But, knowing exactly what you want in your life will make life much easier. And I now have an easy, proven method to discover, clarify, and ask for the dreams and desires that you want in your life.

Here’s what works…
1. Make a list of at least 50 wishes, dreams and desires you want in your life. Don’t think about it, just let it flow.
You need at least 50 to get you to the “whacky wishes”. For most people the first 10 or 20 are easy and then they think they’re done. Don’t give up, just keep writing; you may be surprised with what makes it on to your list.
You may list a certain dollar amount but, also ask for what that money would buy.
A Dominican University study shows that when you write down your wishes, dreams and what you want in your life, you have an 80% better chance of making them come true.
Note: I use a dedicated journal for my Dreams & Desires list, so I always know where it is.

True stories from the list:
– She was in her 50s and wanted to go to NASCAR racing school.
She not only went to NASCAR racing school – she went with her adult daughter!

– They went to the boat show and picked up a brochure for the pontoon boat they wanted to buy in a few years.
Years later, they got the exact boat that was on the brochure – in mint condition and at a great price!

– Ten years ago, she had just graduated from university and wanted a full-time job that payed more than 50K/year.
She got that and more!

2. Check your list. The list should include items that will bring you joy and ZEST in the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual aspects. Imagine the feeling you will have when each one of these is manifested in your life.

3. Take action to bring yourself closer to your dreams & desires. Making a list is a good start but, showing the initiative to get the ball rolling will increase the positive energy to make it manifest.

4. Date your list.

5. When you review your list in 6 months or a year you will be able to check off all the items you have received. I prefer not to cross out the items I have received, I just put a check beside them.

Dream Your Best Dream Ever! You’ll be glad you did.

How may I serve you to discover your ZEST dreams and desires?
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Inner Fire Burning or Burnt Out?


In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.

It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.

We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.

– Albert Schweitzer, philosopher, physician, musician, Nobel laureate (1875-1965)

Zero-in and focus on exactly what you want in your life.
Write down your wishes. A Harvard study shows that when you write them down, you have an 80% better chance of making them come true.
Action: Make a list of 50 things you want. 50 is a good number because you start with the easy and the obvious then, at the end, you include wild and crazy stuff just to finish the list. A widow in her fifties went to NASCAR racing school; it was on her list!

Envision your vitality.
Do you have “emotional vitality – a sense of energy and positive well-being in addition to being able to regulate emotions effectively”? Harvard study 2007: With high emotional vitality you are 19% less likely to develop heart disease.
Action: Take a walk, exercise, dance. Body movement releases endorphins (natural compounds) that provide a calming effect to the emotions.

Soar to bigger dreams and bigger successes.
To have ZEST in your life you must have a dream in your heart; a hope, a goal, an ambition that you want to realize.
Action: What do you want to attain, achieve or complete?

Transcend to a place of joy, peace, and vibrancy.
Increase your connection to your higher self and your higher calling.
Action: Sit quietly for 10 minutes and ask your higher self: “What advice do you have for me today?” Listen.

Fill the gap between wherever you are right now and a place where your heart is filled with joy, love and the desire to live your life fully.

To Your ZEST!


January 30, 2013

How may I serve you to re-kindle your ZEST?

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Snake Animal Totem

According to Sun Bear’s Earth astrology the snake is the animal totem of people born between October 24 and November 21. The corresponding sun sign in the zodiac astrology is Scorpio.

Scorpios endure the common myths that they are sex charged, scary and have a sharp sting. Interestingly, the snake totem has similar associations made with it. Snakes wriggle around in large groups that look to be sexually charged; snakes are scary and snakes have a sharp bite. Such a narrow definition is unfair and too limited for anyone. All sun signs and animal totems can learn much from each other.

The snake totem’s lessons are only learned when we can get past the myths and beliefs that surround it. Snake people embrace change, transformation and re-birth. They can help you heal old wounds, charge your energy and gain a new perspective.

Snake people can be on their own and fiercely independent with a sharp mind and a sharp tongue. They also have a need to be sociable in large groups. They like to engage their mind, their words and their wit.

Several times a year, snakes shed their skin because they have outgrown their old skin. Rock piles and wood piles are ideal for the snake to squeeze itself into a tight spot and with a little squirming it emerges renewed. Snake people excel at getting themselves out of tough situations. Have you outgrown you old skin? Are you ready to leave the old behind and find your dream and desires so that you create a new life for yourself?

Snake people change the energy in the space that they are in. When there is a group of people and someone sees a snake, the energy charges immediately. Everyone is more alert, awake, and alive. Snake people have this space-changing, energizing impact more than any other totem, the snake people can change the energy in a space. They can heighten the energy at a party and liven things up. They can provide you with the charge you need to bring change into your life. They are also skillful at bringing calm, healing energy to a space. Perhaps that is why the World Health Organization has a snake wrapped on a rod on their logo and two snakes wrapped on a rod is on the logos of Medical Associations?

Until November 21, during this time of the snake, be aware of your own energy and how you can change the energy and space around you. Smile more and watch how many more smiles are sent your way. Smiling releases endorphins in the brain which bring a feeling of happiness. Smile and let the transformation begin!

Celebrity snake people:

Demi Moore

Julia Roberts

Margaret Atwood

Hilary Clinton

Meg Ryan

Indira Gandhi

Bill Gates

Ryan Gosling

Leonardo DiCaprio

Prince Charles

To Your ZEST!


November 2, 2012

Change and Transformation

Spring is usually considered the time of hope, promise and renewal but, it all starts in autumn. Autumn is the time of death that will bring life; the beginning of change and transformation. It’s time to let go, just like the leaves that have hung on to the trees through the summer’s heat, drought and storms. Now is the time to release and dance in the winds of change.

To have something new, start by clearing out the physical clutter. It’s a long winter in Canada, you don’t want to look at that clutter for the next six months. Start your personal “weekly give away”; give away at least one thing a week. If you do this between now and spring, at least 20 people will benefit from your generosity.

Spend some quality time thinking about what you want to have in your life next spring. If you’re not living your “ideal life”, what do you need to change? What beliefs, thought patterns and even relationships do you need to release to discover your dreams and desires so that you create the life you really want?

I must warn you, this could get messy. To clean a closet, everything must come out into the room. Every piece is evaluated: does it have negative memories or energy, does it serve me and do I even want it? Is it contributing to my dreams and desires? All the items going back into the closet must be needed, necessary and add value.

Re-structure the order of things and you will automatically re-structure the order in your mind. Sorting out a closet will often clear a problem from your mind to find an unexpected solution, expanded freedom and a new way of thinking.

Send me your “renewal and transformation” stories; I would love to hear them.

To Your ZEST!


October 27, 2012

ZEST! Power Stories

Don’t you just love hearing stories about women who have ZEST? I think about the women who leave their home country, their friends and family to settle in a new land. They often don’t know the language, the customs and the expectations but they want to have a better life. Their stories of courage, character and spirit are always fascinating, heartwarming and uplifting.

Reflecting on the stories of ZEST! power & perseverance in your own life is a sure way to awaken your ZEST! This can be done alone but it’s so much more fun to share our stories. Gather a few friends together. Look back on your life and find the time when you felt most powerful; when you felt filled with your powerful ZEST! (whatever you define as ZEST!) What power-filled ZEST! stories come to mind?  Stay in that story until you can feel it in your body. Write it down. Share it.

In your ZEST! stories the person you were born to be emerges renewed and power-filled. When you are in your ZEST! you wear no masks; you are your authentic self.

Hold the ZEST! and you will expand your ZEST!. This is important because it is your powerful woman with ZEST! who has the courage to dream. It is your powerful woman with ZEST! who makes your dreams come true.

We are very good at replaying the pain tapes now let’s start practicing replaying the power-filled ZEST! tapes. Thinking and talking about power-filled ZEST! stories is a gain in energy.

Send me your power-filled ZEST! stories; I would love to hear them.

To Your ZEST!