Who am I? Why Work with Me?

Are you looking to take your life to the next level? Then we’re a good match – I’m dedicated to support individuals (women) who are ready to dream, design and live the life you want.

I’ll show you how to design, develop and implement the step by step methodology that will give you the life you deeply desire. We’ll tailor your solution and make it all about you. We’ll ignite your passion and unlock your inner wisdom and that’ll help manifest your most important dreams.


I’m a Personal Business Strategist. A snazzy title that means that I’ll be there to take your life, your business and your relationships to the next level using a holistic integrated approach. That’s what I do.I look at your life, your challenges, and what steps you need to take to win. Together we'll design, develop and implement a strategy for your whole life.

Why Personal Business? I’ve failed miserable when I tried to separate my personal life and my business/career. I don’t remember very much about my children’s teen years because I was at the office 75-90 hours per week. Nuts, yes. I’d go to the office at 7 am, come home at 6 pm and often go back to the office in the middle of the night and I worked weekends. I didn’t know how to do it differently. Then, I had no strategy. Today, I can show you how.


I believe that we’re all capable of reaching beyond our perceived limits. Have you ever done something that you did not think you were strong enough and/or capable enough to do? Did you look back later at that event, and were you astonished by your accomplishment?

When I was 17, my younger sister and I cared for our mother for two months before she passed away from cancer – she was only 47. I look back and I’m astonished that we did it. After that, I had a really hard time getting all the resources together and putting all the pieces together to live the life that I wanted, that I designed and that made me happy. Over the years, I found a way to make it work.


As my clients will tell you, I’m fiercely committed to help you walk the walk, I make order out of chaos, I’m great at sorting and prioritizing, problem solving and providing clarity and direction. Too often, we’ve had to walk alone, alone in our suffering, alone in our success, alone in our fears. I’ll hold you accountable to be loyal, faithful and committed to yourself. You know you don’t want to do it alone. We all need other people to inspire, challenge and support us to be the best version of ourself that we can be.