The Live Your ZEST Package:

You’re ready to gain clarity and confidence about where you want to go in all aspects of your life. You need a strategic plan and an accountability partner to achieve your dreams and desires.

    Eight, bi-weekly - 90 minute 1-1 personalized sessions each customized to your needs over 4 months. We meet either in person or over the phone/internet.

    In each session we use a variety of the tools and strategies from my fast proven methodology to ensure that you get your dream life in the most powerful way possible. You’ll be guided to stimulate your thinking to an expanded view of yourself and direction for your life, your business, and your profession.

    Assessment and review: Where are you and where do you want to be? What is it that you truly need right now for your body, mind and spirit that you are not doing or allowing yourself to have?

    Values exercise: Knowing your values and living them makes you the Goddess of your own life and dreams. It gives you the energy to uncover your authentic self and stop trying to become something you are not. This means you’ll stop feeling frustrated. The absence of frustration is the perfect soil for real growth, passion, and ZEST.

    Define your unique purpose with absolute clarity: We crave having purpose. Rediscover and leverage your abilities, strengths and talents. Powerful conversations on why you are here on the planet at this time.

    Intuitive Guidance: Intuition is communication with your higher self. Upgrade your intuition, inner guidance, and external communications.

    Effective communication: Achieve the goals of expanding and enhancing your communication and leadership skills. Communicate to make a difference and have impact.

    Time management: Identify and reduce time wasters and implement easy time management tools and techniques

    Spiritual Guidance: Gives us hope and allows for the possibility that when we open our hearts, we can manifest our desires, our dreams will come true, and the unexplainable will happen.

    Laser coaching: Quick calls to get to the core of your situation and provide you with options and solutions and a reset to get you back on track.

    ZESTY results


Payment will be billed in 2 instalments: ½ cost prior to first session, and remaining ½ to be billed at the end of month 2. Monthly payment plans are available upon request.$3997 + $519.61HST = $4516.61 / 2 = $2258.31 payments.